May 31

AVID Celebration – Students Give Thanks

I wanted to share what Rim Ed was presented with from the Rim High Junior AVID students last night at Rim High School auditorium.  The students presented to the Rim Educ. Foundation Board a photo on the back of which each student wrote about what the College Field Trip meant to them.

Also, every junior and senior personally thanked Rim Educ. Foundation Board. As they did their presentations on the field trip or on the colleges they were attending they voiced their appreciation for the opportunities the Rim Educ. Foundation makes possible.

The students were not only thankful for the College Field Trip but also shared what having the Chromebooks did for them.  Frank the tutor was called up and given accolades for what he has done for the students.  Frank then shared what AVID and the tutoring job has done for him.

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