2016/17 AVID College Tour!

Teachers Wallace and Erlanger have already decided on the 5 Day trip dates and are working with the District Office to insure that all details are handled well in advance. This trip will be funded through donations to the Rim of the World Educational Foundation.

Chrome Book Donation to AVID STUDENTS

In the 2015/15download school year, the Rim Educ. Foundation funded 25 Chrome Books to assist AVID students on site to search college resources on their own or working with an AVID counselor.  Recently Steve Wallace indicated the Chrome books were being used in his upper level AVID classes routinely for completing college applications. He expressed again his gratitude for this wonderful contribution Rim Educ. Foundation made this last year.


A key goal of the Rim of the World Education Foundation is to increase college enrollment rates among students who traditionally may not have had access to higher education.  For a number of years enrollment rates among AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students in colleges and universities have been considerably higher than those for students who do not participate in AVID.  Nationwide, AVID students have an 80% acceptance rate to four year universities.

AVID is a proven program that serves 300,000 students in 45 states and the District of Columbia and is in 15 countries.  We have fully embraced this proven program here in the Rim of the World School District.

 In AVID classrooms throughout the country, teachers and students work together and further the goal of making a seamless transition in to college.  To date, 97% of AVID students enroll in college, of those 80% are accepted to four-year universities.

 The Rim of the World High School AVID program began in 2007 – 2008 school year and now enrolls seventh through twelfth graders.   Frankly, without additional funding our AVID program is in jeopardy.

The Foundation is a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to providing continuing financial support to preserve and encourage educational excellence within the Rim of the World School District. The ongoing work of AVID provides an infrastructure under which students can attain their goal of success in higher education.  Here in our community, Rim Ed Foundation has partnered with the Rim High School and MPH Middle School AVID programs to ensure that the students meet or exceed the AVID standard for college acceptance.  The continued success of the AVID program is contingent on further funding for the infrastructure and development of the program.

 The direct beneficiaries of the AVID program are the students themselves, particularly those sometimes forgotten students who are considered just average.  Between the remedial programs for students who lag far behind, and the gifted and talented programs for the brightest children there are those students who perform passably in ordinary classes but, because they do not attract attention to themselves, they are often overlooked. Many of these students hunger for more challenging coursework but fear failure.  Their potential is unrealized, but through AVID it is recognized, encouraged and supported.

There are many others who benefit from the results of the AVID program.  Other students observe the collaboration, accountability, and self respect prevalent among AVID students. Teachers experience improved morale in seeing substantial improvement in student performance.  Parents benefit from improved discipline both academically and socially.  Society as a whole gains a group of young adults who are better prepared to participate in and lead their communities. To increase the college acceptance rates among Rim High School graduates,  AVID encourages students to enroll in honors and advanced placement classes while providing tutoring and other support, such as note-taking skills, SAT preparation, and advanced study skills that challenge the students and ensure their success.  Most importantly, AVID teaches students accountability, in a scholastic setting and the real world.

The AVID program will extend throughout the entire Rim of the World School District, from Crestline to Running Springs, and all mountain communities in between. Although growing stronger every day, the AVID program in ROWUSD is still in its infancy, and is a prime candidate for funding reductions and even elimination in the face of extraordinarily large budget cuts.  This makes it ever more important for the Rim Education Foundation to support AVID both financially and otherwise. Budget cuts have created substantial challenges to education as a whole, resulting in decreased opportunities for students to enroll in secondary education.  Continuation of the AVID program is crucial to maintaining and improving college enrollment rates.

Rim Ed Foundation collaborates with an array of partners in the community, including Rim of the World School District, PTAs throughout the District, Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce, local Rotary Clubs, as well as parents and other volunteers.