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Spotlight on ROP Fire Science Video 11/1/2017

This is a good example of the our Rim ROP students. We look forward to seeing Grace advance through her education.

Rim  Educ. Foundation Board Tours ROP Classes May, 26, 2017

Dress for Success

Students learn customer service techniques that will last a life time.

Brian Leidner instructs class on Fire Science.



Dave Meigide gives our board a overview of this years auto shop classes.

Rob Wilson’s Graphic Design students working on class projects.

Ed Von Pingel discusses law enforcement education at Rim High with Rim Ed Vice Pres. Josita Todd

ROP Law Enforcement Class, Students serious about the subject.

2015/2016 Highlights

Video and 3D Animation

ROP Students visited Cal State Fullerton and Mole Richardson Lighting studio where they experienced hands-on training, educational opportunities, job shadowing and internships.

Students wrote scripts, filmed, and edited 20 episodes of Rim Today for the school.

They also filmed, edited and produced PolaRotary Bear Plunge and the Rim Ed Fashion Show videos as well as filmed a Live Streaming graduation again this year.

 Auto Shop

Auto students have participated in several NHRA races this year. NHRA: World’s largest auto racing organization. The highlight of the year for four deserving Rim High students was a three week trip to Jamtlands Gymnasium, the automotive high school in Ostersund, Sweden. This year’s Rim High exchange students sent were Amanda Arce, Joey Dorsey, Forrest Lyon and Ana Vega.

Did you know that Rim High ROP students attended class here in Ostersund, Sweden?

Did you know that Rim High ROP students attended class here in Ostersund, Sweden?

Wood Shop

Wood Shop students are working on many projects around campus. They constructed sets for the school plays, display cases for the hall ways on campus, working on signs for Sky Park at Santa’s Village as well as many other projects. Rim High students handiwork was featured in a booth at the Rim Educ. Foundation Fashion Show with Jazz event this May and their cutting boards, spoons, and other items were a sellout.

Sports Medicine

Students learn to diagnose and treat injuries. They are CPR and First Aid trained at the medical level and many of those students are going on to careers in the health field.

Fire Technology

Students were visited twice this year from San Bernardino County Fire Explore program. Students were recruited for the San Bernardino County Explore program and were told if they passed the Explorer  Program they are guaranteed a job with San Bernardino County Fire.