Rim Educ. Partnership with Schools Grants

Lake Arrowhead Elementary

Partnerships with Schools – 2017-18

 May 18, 2017 – The Rim of the World Educational Foundation presented Partnerships with Schools Grants to the Rim of the

World Unified School District Board. Each year, the Rim of the World Educational Foundation undertakes a grant process to provide funding for individual schools throughout the school district.

Rim Education Foundation determines a total grant amount for the entire district each year, based on fund raising, donations and grants received. From that total, a per student dollar allocation is determined. Based on current enrollment for each school, an allocation amount is set.

Grant funds are to be used for projects that are educational in nature, and aligned with CA state standards. Each school reaches consensus on how the allocation should be spent (using the School Site Council) and presents their project to Rim of the World Educational Foundation using a simple application form and line item budget.

Each school makes a 10-minute presentation to the Partnerships with Schools Education Grant Committee with a follow-up Q and A session. The Committee makes recommendations to the Rim of the World Educational Foundation Board of Directors for approval, and funds are allocated. At the end of the school year, awardees are required to submit a report that includes photos of their project and receipts for items purchased.

Below are the individual school grants awarded for 2017-18:


  • Charles Hoffman Elementary – OPT OUT(SIDE) – Purchase of snow shoes for attendance incentive and fostering physical exercise and exposure to forest in winter – $2,840
  • Lake Arrowhead Elementary – POWER UP LEARNING AND MYSTERY SCIENCE – Purchase of 75″ Smart TV mounted in school auditorium and site license for hands-on science app – $5,400
  • Valley of Enchantment Elementary – Second Step: Social Emotion Learning Curriculum and Rewarding the Positive – Student Incentives – $4900
  • Mary Putnam Henck Middle School – Personal Planners for Academic Organization – Reminder Binders for all students – $3,800 (reserve dollars will be rolled over to next year)
  • Rim of the World High School – NOT IN OUR SCHOOL ANTIBULLYING TRAINING – Trainer of Trainers for school personnel on dealing with bullying and tolerance – $9,594
  • Mountain High School – Senior Portfolios – Supplies for the portfolios required for English Classes and Graduation Preparedness – $391



Rim of the World Educational Foundation supports the RIM USD schools by funding Partnerships with Schools Grants and helping to support the AVID and ROP programs.  In 2017 Rim of the World Education Foundation gave $26,925 in Partnerships with Schools Grants, $25,000 to the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program at the middle school and high school.  ROP program (Regional Occupational Program/Career Technical Education) received $10,000. Historically, Rim of the World Educational Foundation has donated over $500,000 to the schools since the program’s inception.


The Rim of the World Educational Foundation funding is a result of three major sources. Community donations from organization such as Soroptimist, Lake Arrowhead & Sunrise Rotary, Mountain Jewish Community and others. Corporate grants that include Bank of America, Edison, Schools First Credit Union, Burrtec, San Manual Band of Mission Indian and Tilden-Coil Contractors. Lastly, but very important are the Rim of the World Educational Foundation fundraisers such as the Fashion Show with Jazz, Bowling for Education, Give Big Campaign, PolaRotary Bear Plunge, Wine & Beer Sales at the Jensen’s Lobster Fest, participation in the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Art & Wine Festival. As well as the dedication of the Rim of the World Educational Foundation Board members, the generosity of event sponsors, and event participants.

Photos: Rim of the World Educational Foundation Board Members: Michelle French, Connie Sweet, Susan Meeks, Florence Mullendore, and Jo Bonita Rains and the school principals accepting the grants.

Rim Ed Grants 2015-16

The teachers in the Rim of the World Unified School District are given the opportunity each year to apply for a Rim Ed Grant.  We give away one Gold ($5,000), two Silver ($2,500), and as many Bronze ($1,000) as we can fund.  The teachers fill out a grant application, which is then scored by our board members.  Grant recipients are notified in June if they are awarded a grant.  The teachers have been purchasing many different educational tools such as iPads, computers, science programs, math programs, and language arts programs to support our students in meeting state standards.  We are very proud of the amount of grants we have funded over the years and our ability to help our teachers meet student needs!

Pictured are three 2015/16 teacher grant recipients with Jo Bonita and other board members at the Back to School Breakfast

Pictured are three 2015/16 teacher grant recipients with Jo Bonita and other board members at the Back to School Breakfast

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Grant Recipients!!!!

  • Gold Grant – Karen Wirtz from Lake Arrowhead ElementaryProject:  Interactive Lesson Design, SMART Interactive Panel to help 125 third grade students (especially English Learners and Title 1) using a four-teacher team to provide digital resources and lesson plans to increase student engagement, student achievement and student motivation  $4,883.
  • Silver Grant – Tim West / MPH Leadership Team from Mary Putman Henck Intermediate SchoolProject: Promoting Home/School Communication and Personal Responsibility of Middle School Students Through Use of Daily Planner/Reminder Binders, purchase of daily planners and student handbooks for 900 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to record important information that will foster success . Teachers and parents use written communications throughout the year. $2,889.
  • Silver Grant – Carla Malagoli-Vitti from Rim High SchoolProject: Cooking to Learn, 11 special education students grades 9-12 will learn cooking skills integrated into existing comprehensive functional academics curriculum by purchasing a gas range for cooking and curriculum (Money Match, Cooking to Learn, PCI Photo Bingo) $1,330.
  • Bronze Grant – Mary Pat Schuster from Mary Putman Henck Intermediate SchoolProject:  Advancement of MPH Chess Club, promoting chess as a learning game of though, manners, rules and etiquette with a goal of cooperation and competing in a first competition in Spring 2017 for 90 students – $452.
  • Bronze Grant -Cindi Longworth from Rim High School – Project: Reading for Understanding Class,the program will encompass reader’s theater, vocabulary games, annotation workshops and basic reading skills workshops including main idea and inference, potentially for all grade levels and all students  $295.
  • Bronze Grant -Cindi Longworth from Rim High School – Project: Writing Center, offer all RHS students a place to review their essays and research papers for global issues such as format and content to increase writing success and improve confidence across the curriculum $890.
  • Bronze Grant -Annette Bain  from Rim High SchoolProject: French Camp, send six RHS students in French 2 and 3 classes to attend a language immersion camp where they speak only in French, sing, dance, cook, eat meals, play games, arts and crafts and perform sketches in the target language. Funds partial payment of camp expenses $999.
  • Bronze Grant-Maggie Kauffman – from Charles Hoffman ElementaryProject: Odyssey of the Mind, provide the Odyssey of the Mind program for opportunities to increase student creativity to solve a long-term problem. Three teams of 7 students each from grades 3-5 will build mechanical devices, props, or present original interpretations of classical themes $955.

Total Grants Awarded-$12,693